You know...

that there's more to you— and others— than most people see. You have experiences, coincidences, and insights that seem to happen "out-of-the-blue." They happen to you whether others believe it or not. They impact your life.

You want to think for yourself.  Maybe you've tried several churches—only to find yourself feeling forced to adopt someone else's beliefs.  Their "pat" or narrow answers didn't satisfy you. 

You're looking for spiritual tools, rather than rules. You get a "gut feeling" about whether something is right or not. You recognize truth when you see it or hear it. You want to live your life in a positive, affirming and confident way.

Welcome to Unity!

When we say that we welcome everyone...we mean EVERYONE.

This includes families of every size (including families of one), of every shape and every makeup.  Our welcome includes the homeless and the millionare.  It includes the ex-convict, the junkie and the broken...in what ever way you feel broken.

We even welcome those who think that have it all figured out and those who doubt.  We welcome straights, gays and those who aren't sure what category they're in.  We welcome the able-bodied and those who don't get around well.  If you're tattooed, or pierced or are in recovery from drugs or alcohol--you, too, are welcome!

We welcome the liberal and the conservative and those who are independent or don't vote at all.  We welcome vegans and meat lovers.  Afterall, either everyone means EVERYONE... or it doesn't!

We'll enthusiastically support you as you explore your spirituality and pursue your creative interests and abilities. We want you to experience yourself in an authentic, genuine, and joyful way. Join us each Sunday and through the week to celebrate the wonder and beauty of God’s “original blessing” in you!


Unity of Greater Lansing is affiliated with the Unity Institute/Unity School of Christianity and Silent Unity, distributors of the Daily Word magazine. Unity of Greater Lansing is a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries located in Lee's Summit, MO. We are also an active member of the Great Lakes Unity Regional Conference. Unity is part of a larger movement called New Thought (INTA). We are NOT associated with the Unitarian Universalist Church or the Unification Church.

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